Always remain flexible

Life and work should always be in harmony

There are various work hour models for meeting the needs of our employees. Our company sports clubs also provide a variety of different sports. Within the scope of our health management offer, we offer personal consulting, training and prevention programs.

Within the TÜV NORD GROUP, work and family are not regarded as opposites, but form the natural foundations of our corporate culture. We are opening up new pathways so that our staff can reconcile the needs of family life with their profession in the best way possible. An important step along the way is the certificate for the "Work and Family" audit, which was awarded to five companies of the TÜV NORD GROUP as early as 2009.

This certificate is an initiative of the renowned Hertie Foundation, and is awarded under the aegis of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Individual arrangements for working hours – for example in order to look after children or relatives – change of work location and also comprehensive health care are part of our day-to-day practice so that our staff can balance family and working life. Further companies in the TÜV NORD GROUP will participate in work and family auditing in future.

Benefits at TÜV NORD

As a leading international technology service provider, we help our clients achieve optimum safety and quality. This gives them a competitive advantage – and makes our world safer. As an employer, we offer our workforce optimum opportunities for self-determination, development and work-life balance. We make careers possible. And make the world of work more secure.


The focus is on you

our working hour models

  • Flexitime, part time, reduced overtime, home office, limited business travel – everything is possible. In agreement with your team you decide where, how and when you work. We are not interested in office presence, we are interested in results.

our 'we care' programme

  • Choose from our range of preventive care (nutrition, eye training, giving up smoking, flu injection, work integration management, preparation for periods of work abroad), sport, childcare (including in school holidays), stress management, corporate pensions, accident insurance, crisis prevention (mobbing prevention, social support, prevention of burnout). Our childcare cooperation partner is the organisation pme Familienservice.

our salary structure

  • We provide variable salary components, capital-forming payments, bonus payments, anniversary, Christmas and holiday payments, employee discounts, anniversary celebrations, company parties, departmental outings. Everything you could wish for in order to feel appreciated and valued.

our service orientation

  • Work without having to worry about the details. We support you with transport services (job ticket depending on location, travel allowances, company cars), communication (laptop, smartphone, telephone cost subsidies). We also look after your wellbeing in other ways (company restaurant/food subsidy, laundry service).
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