Corporate Respon­sibility

Corporate Responsibility is a key component of the business activities of the TÜV NORD GROUP. Every three years, a comprehensive report is prepared detailing the economic, environ­mental and social impacts of our business activities. The most ­recent comprehensive Corporate Responsibility Report covered the year 2021. In the interim years, we describe the latest developments, sustainability-­related activities and initiatives in progress reports. 

In the 2023 Progress Report, we shed light on the material topics facing the TÜV NORD GROUP, the further development of our CR Roadmap and the status of the measures and targets we have set. This report builds on the content of the 2022 Progress Report and provides ­insights into the TÜV NORD GROUP’s ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility. 

The “Corporate Responsibility” chapter of this year’s Annual Report contains selected content from the 2023 Progress Report, which is available as a separate document.