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Dear readers,

If we are to play an active part in shaping the future, we need visions and the skills to bring these visions to life. In this Annual Report, members of staff from every area of the TÜV NORD GROUP offer insights into what it is that motivates them.

How can we make software and smart products as secure as possible? This is something that Matthias Springer, head of Security4Safety coordination body, is working on. His vision is to use “Security by Design” to close security loopholes, starting with the process of development.

How can many decades of experience in space travel be put to good use in the future? Driven by this burning question, a team under José Carlos Muñoz at ALTER TECHNOLOGY came up with Gateway: A Big-Data-supported search engine for satellite components.


How can people play an active part in shaping the digital transformation? This is the principal question occupying Melanie Braunschweig in the Group‘s own Digital Academy projects and training programmes – which might well also set a precedent for other companies.

How can we provide better protection for people, the environment and resources? Solving this problem has long since become a global challenge. Dr Bernhard Teigler from DMT is supporting the South African government in its efforts to protect water resources. Helge Schmidt from the Institute for Vehicle Technology and Mobility is using real-life exhaust emissions tests to contribute to the cause of clean-air and climate protection.

In this Annual Report, members of staff of the TÜV NORD GROUP formulate their personal vision for a safe and secure world – one that is technically advanced, digital and networked.


We wish you informative reading.
Kind regards from the TÜV NORD GROUP

The digital transformation

Consider the printing press, the steam engine or the computer – without visionary developers who tenaciously stuck to the task of realising their ideas, such groundbreaking innovations would never have been invented. We are now living and working in the age of the fourth industrial revolution: machines, cars, sensors, data and communication channels are networked with one another in

real time across the entire world. This is opening up undreamed-of opportunities for new business models, products and more efficient manufacturing processes. Digital networking is presenting the TÜV NORD GROUP with new and extended tasks. In this annual report, the experts formulate their personal vision for a safe and secure world – one that is technically advanced, digital and networked.

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