Group Executive Committee

The operative business of the TÜV NORD GROUP is to be managed via the Group Executive Committee. This consists of the Board of Management and a representative from each of the six business units.



Dr Ralf Jung

Chairman of the Industrial Services business unit




Dr Ralf Jung (born in 1959) gained his doctorate in the mineral processing technology faculty of the Technical University of Aachen. He joined DMT GmbH as a scientific employee in 1992 and became Head of Department in the processing technology field in 1995. From 1996 to 2008, he held further senior positions at DMT GmbH, including the post of Managing Director of DMT-Montan Consulting GmbH from 1999 to 2004. Dr Jung switched to TÜV NORD Systems GmbH in 2008, taking up the post of General Manager. He is currently General Manager of TÜV NORD International GmbH and TÜV NORD Systems GmbH.

In April 2017, Dr Jung moved to the Group Executive Committee, where he is responsible for the Industrial Services business unit.



Hartmut Abeln

Chairman of the TÜV NORD Mobility business unit




After studying mechanical engineering at the University of Hanover and gaining his diploma at BMW in Munich, Hartmut Abeln (born in 1969) initially moved to the SME sector, where he acquired his first experience in production management and worked in company management. In 2003 he moved to TÜV NORD Strassenverkehr, immediately taking up a regional management position which was further expanded as a result of a merger with RW-TÜV Fahrzeug. Having previously taken up the position of director and after a longer overseas posting to China and India, he was appointed operational General Manager in 2013.

On 01.01.2017, his range of responsibilities was further extended by his appointment to the Group Executive Committee and the chairmanship of the Board of Management of TÜV NORD Mobility



Dirk Kretzschmar

Chairman of the IT business unit




Dirk Kretzschmar (born in 1962) is a graduate engineer in information technology. Having held a number of different professional positions, in 2006 he took on responsibility for product set-up at EADS Secure Networks in Ulm and for process design for the development of the digital radio network for the German police known as BOSNET. In 2009 he joined the subsidiary Rohde & Schwarz PMR GmbH; in July 2011 he was appointed to the management board and became Head of Sales and Distribution, as well taking overall responsibility for cryptosystem development at the Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH subsidiary in Berlin.

Kretzschmar has been General Manager of TÜViT since 2015 and will move to the Group Executive Committee in 2017 with responsibility for the IT business unit.



Dr Maik Tiedemann

Chairman of the DMT Management




Dr Maik Tiedemann (born in 1965) grew up in Hamburg. He studied aerospace engineering in Braunschweig, and Virginia, USA, and business administration in Hagen. He obtained his doctorate in Darmstadt. After ten years spent on research tasks at the German Aerospace Centre in Göttingen, he joined MAN Diesel & Turbo in Oberhausen, where he held responsibility for various international tasks for 15 years.

As of July 1, 2018, he took over the management of the Engineering & Natural Resources business unit.



Axel Dreckschmidt

Chairman of the Training business unit




Axel Dreckschmidt (born in 1961) studied electrical engineering at what was then the university of the German army (now the Helmut-Schmidt University) in Hamburg. After a career in the army, he took up various management functions in the TÜV NORD Akademie, becoming General Manager in 2005. Axel Dreckschmidt is a member of the VDI and has been deputy chairman of the association of the state of Hamburg.



Luis Gómez

Chairman of the Aerospace business unit




Luis Gómez (born in 1960) studied aerospace engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and holds an MBA from IE Business School. He started out in the Space Division of AIRBUS Spain before moving in 1989 to TECNOLOGICA SA. In 1995, he took over the position of Managing Director. After TECNOLOGICA SA was taken over by the ALTER Technology Group (ATG) in 2008, Gómez was appointed General Manager of the corporate executive board. When ATG was acquired by TÜV NORD in 2011, he was appointed General Manager of the Aerospace Business Unit.