We are
a strong GROUP


Four core brands
united under one one roof.
Together with expertise and responsibility
for the world.



New TÜV NORD brand world honored with the Red Dot Design Award 2023

And the winner is... TÜV NORD! Our new logos and the clear design of the TÜV NORD brands receive the Red Dot Design Award in the category "Corporate Design".

The new brand identity has been enthusiastically received by our customers. Winning the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the communications industry, confirms this recognition once again.

- Sandra Hüsig, Head of Corporate Brand Management TÜV NORD GROUP




A company that
helps to
shape the future in
order to create lasting
benefits for us and
our customers.






that sets the pace of
progress and will continue
to guarantee it.



A team,
that thinks of everything
from the product and
service to the individual.



United as the
taking a shared path:


We are one strong GROUP.


The idea

We are engineers and experts by conviction and enablers with heart. It is in our blood to enable progress and at the same time offer security. What we test and approve is ready to go and fit for the future.

When it comes to quality, we make no compromises, because only perfection deserves the best from us - our label.



Our umbrella brand


The TÜV NORD GROUP umbrella brand stands for the entire Group and thus forms the apex of the brand system.

It combines all four core brands and the associated services. It thus forms the umbrella for the core brands.


The new color palette

"Digital first". A digital approach is taken with the fresh Blue shade. This color shines especially in digital applications.

The fresh Blue is combined with the two other primary colors Dark Blue and White.


Welcome to the team: The new house font


The house font TNG Pro is used in almost all media. It is used in various font sizes, such as Bold, Regular and Light. Our primary font colors are Dark Blue and White.

The colors in the secondary color palette add an extra dynamic to the brand.



We are a strong GROUP.

With many faces, broad expertise and an international
reputation. What unites us: our passion for people
and the environment.
We are driven by innovation and progress.
Our common knowledge helps us to move forward.

At the same time, we are partners in success on equal
terms for our customers.
And considerate protectors of a world for the good of all.

We talk technology and feel human.
We are engineers, scientists and experts by conviction
and pioneers by vocation.
We do not shy away from our responsibility and are proud of
what we achieve together – every single person, collectively
as a team, united as a GROUP, together with our customers.

We work to create trust in technology.
And we can be found wherever experts are needed:
Below ground, on ground, in space.






Main questions and answers



TÜV NORD is a strong brand per se, why relaunch?

TÜV NORD is an outstandingly strong brand. However, lasting value and a positive perception are not ends in themselves; they are subject to constant change. The blue TÜV NORD brand is almost 20 years old and has to compete with other providers in terms of quality, internationality, digitalization, and sustainability. The objective for a brand relaunch was therefore, on the one hand, to position the brand in the digital age in terms of typography and color.

At the same time, many brands and logos have been added nationally as a result of acquisitions, shareholdings, etc. The fact that they too are all part of the global TÜV NORD Group is a major challenge. The fact that they all belong to the worldwide TÜV NORD Group was not made clear by the brand architecture until now. This is now changing.

What remains of the old logos?

With TÜV NORD GROUP, there will continue to be an umbrella brand. The four existing core brands (TÜV NORD, DMT, ALTER, TÜV IT) will also retain their history and identity.

By when should the entire brand relaunch be implemented?

A specific date has not been defined. The divisions/business areas will ensure that their rebranding is carried out quickly and at the same time as cost-effectively as possible.

When will the individual brands be changed over?

The go live dates TÜV NORD GROUP (22.11.2022), DMT (23.11.2022), ALTER (05.12.2022), TÜV NORD (30.1.2023). International TÜV NORD companies, companies with TÜV NORD addition (e.g. TUVINDIA) or other designations (e.g. NORDKURS) will follow in the course of 2023.

TÜV IT has already appeared with the brand appearance at the IT security trade fair it-sa in Nuremberg on October 25, 2022.

Does the logo change also apply to the international units/companies?

All business units and national and international units are involved in the rebranding and will successively convert websites, stationery, marketing materials, etc. in 2023.

Which business units are affected by the new brand positioning?

With the new brand positioning, we are also visually combining the operational strengths of all business areas. We are creating new synergies and opportunities and communicating this with a new uniform brand image in "Electric Blue". In this way, we are strengthening confidence in new technologies and ensuring that innovations are successfully launched on the market.



More questions? Write to us.