The TÜV brand

Recognised global: The brand TÜV

Safety, reliability, neutrality - the TÜV brand enjoys an excellent reputation globally among customers and business partners. The TÜV NORD GROUP has also committed itself to providing "Excellence for your Business".


Sustainability in the TÜV organizations

Our responsibility for sustainability and safety:






Registered trademark

TÜV® is a registered trademark of the TÜV organisations and the TÜV-Verband. It is the hallmark of the TÜV companies and may only be used by a German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) or a TÜV subsidiary company. All over the world it stands for safety, reliability, neutrality. The TÜV NORD GROUP supplements the three attributes above with internationality, quality, responsibility, future orientation and excellence.


A brand with a tradition

The brand's roots are the traditional Dampfkessel Überwachungsvereinen (DÜV - Steam Boiler Monitoring Associations), which were subsequently renamed the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). From 1869 on, the DÜV began to monitor the operational safety of steam boilers independently and professionally. The state transferred additional safety-related tasks step-by-step to the DÜV – for example the general roadworthiness test (MOT) of motor vehicles.


Brand network

In order to guarantee the value of the brand over the long term, the German Technical Inspection Agencies established the TÜV Markenverbund ("Brand Network") e.V. in 2010, whose headquarters are in Berlin. The brand network supports its members in exercising its rights to the TÜV brand.


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