Hannover Messe industrial fair: TÜV NORD to exhibit the testing, inspection and certification services of tomorrow

12 April 2018 | Industrial Services: The networking of production machines and data networks is fuelling the digital transformation of industry.

Hanover: From sensors which monitor systems in real time and augmented reality applications that immediately display system status, through to reliable quality in 3D printing – at the Hannover Messe industrial fair, the TÜV NORD GROUP will be showcasing the use of innovative technologies in the industrial environment.

“The networking of production machines and data networks is fuelling the digital transformation of industry. Our slogan for this year - in digital we trust - reflects both our commitment to the use of digital technologies and the key issue of security and trust. If we are to come up once again with future-proof and holistic security concepts, we need to marry the functional safety of machines with the IT security of networked control systems,” says Ulf Theike, General Manager of TÜV NORD Systems. To this end, TÜV NORD will be presenting testing, inspection and certification services at the Hanover trade show that will bring about long-term improvements in risk management.

Sensors monitor systems in real time

In a current project, TÜV NORD is deploying sensors to monitor container gantries. The company will use a multi-part exhibit to show visitors to the trade show how this works. Strain gauges are attached to the potential trouble spots. As soon as something occurs at one of these points, such as, for example, the formation of a crack, the system triggers an alarm. The result is real-time monitoring or real-time auditing. In addition, the system can be used to extend the lifetime of a plant: The container gantry does not need to be replaced immediately at the end of its calculated life cycle; given constant monitoring it can instead continue to be used for a while longer. TÜV NORD is offering this service under the banner of Life Cycle Prediction.

Augmented reality provides information at a glance

Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality have made the leap from gaming applications to use in the industrial environment. The possibilities range from manufacturing, construction and maintenance through to inspection. At the Hanover trade fair, TÜV NORD will be showcasing an exhibit which reveals how this might look in practice. A pump with pipes and a valve mimics a power plant scenario. The associated augmented reality app on a tablet then uses markers on the system to display additional details, such as technical drawings, information about welds or inspection reports. It will also be possible to check the live system status using cloud-based technology, for example, to establish whether the system is without power.

Industry platforms support secure data exchange

At the Microsoft stand in Hall 7, TÜV NORD will be introducing a database solution based on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform for the digital monitoring of lifts. Manufacturers, operators, maintenance companies and testing organisations will be able, subject to release, to use the data, for example, to detect faults, examine documents or perform use-dependent system maintenance. The information security management of the public cloud services offered by Azure was certified by TÜV NORD in accordance with ISO 27001 in 2017.

The TÜV NORD GROUP at the Hanover trade fair:
Main stand of the TÜV NORD GROUP. Hall 12, stand C39.
TÜV NORD as a guest of Microsoft: Hall 7, stand C40.
TÜViT with Deutsche Messe AG: Hall 6, stand D02/12.


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Annika Burchard

Industry, Energy, TÜV NORD Akademie

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