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Press: Your contact person

Sven Ulbrich

Head of Corporate Communications

+49 511 998-61540

Head of Corporate Communication

Verena Horstmann

Corporate Communications

+49 511 998-61095

Assistant to Head of Corporate Communications

Carolin Roterberg

Head of Media Relations

+49 40 8557-1987

Innovations, IT

Svea Fricke

Corporate Communications

+49 511 998-61270

Certification, Donations & Sponsoring

Rainer Camen

Corporate Communications

+49 201 852-2331

For press inquiries:

Irena Tsagurnis

Corporate Communications

+49 201 825-2247

Franziska Nieke

Corporate Communications

+49 511 9986-1295

Industry, Energy, TÜV NORD Akademie

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