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TÜV NORD places a stronger international focus on food safety

Healthy food is becoming more relevant for people around the globe - in 2017, they spent around 97 billion US dollars (approx. 87 billion euros) on organic products.
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28 May 2019 | Energy

New standard for the design of wind turbines

After almost ten years, the standard IEC 61400-1 is being thoroughly revised.
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21. May 2019 | Energy

TÜV NORD and GE Renewable Energy Announce first Design Conformity Statement for wind turbines with a lifetime of 40 years

TÜV NORD issued the statement for GE Renewable Energy’s 2.7-116 turbine in accordance with the IEC 61400-22 standard.
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11. April 2019 | Company

TÜV NORD GROUP: Making the digital world secure

As in previous years, the TÜV NORD GROUP succeeded in increasing its revenues.
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11 February 2019 | Company

Jörg Aign appointed Executive Vice President of Nuclear Technology segment at TÜV NORD

Since 1 January, Jörg Aign has been in charge of the Nuclear segment in the Industrial Services business unit.
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22 January 2019 | Industrial Services

TÜV NORD: Extending safety and quality to include new energy concepts

At the E-world trade fair in Essen, Germany (5 - 9 February), TÜV NORD will be presenting numerous new services - such as testing and certification for the emerging technology behind gas engine power plants.
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7 November | Energy

TÜV NORD issues the world's first certificate in accordance with the new IECRE Certification Guideline

Sinoma Blade received the first component certificate according the new certification scheme IECRE OD-501.
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30 October 2018 | Industrial Services

Industrial Security: Denying access to hackers

The IEC 62443 standard helps to protect industrial communication networks from cyberattacks.
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8 October 2018 | Industrial Services

TÜV NORD certifies data protection management to BS 10012

In harmony with the GDPR, the standard provides guidance for action and therefore helps clients to prove conformity.
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12th September 2018 | Industrial Service

Wind energy: TÜV NORD certifies new onshore turbines for Chinese manufacturers United Power and Dongfang Electric

With these new orders for type certification, TUV NORD has established a further foothold in the important Chinese wind energy market.
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14 March 2018 | Energy

TÜV NORD now certifying wind turbines in line with new standards

Wind energy certifications now include DNVGL service specifications and WSV Frameworks.
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28 February 2018 | Certification

TÜV NORD to certify processes for 3D printing worldwide

Testing and certification services are offered with SAP Distributed Manufacturing.
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5 February 2018 | Energy

Focusing on cyber-security in the energy sector

At the E-world trade fair in Essen showcases solutions for more IT security in the energy sector.
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6. December 2017 | Industrial Services

TÜV NORD supporting the production of CRRC trains for Delhi Metro

On behalf of Delhi Metro, the operator of the underground railway system in the Indian capital, TÜV NORD is to assume responsibility for monitoring the construction of 19 metro trains.
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15 November 2017 | Industrial Services

Security by Design: Security from the outset

With a new collaboration with safety and security engineering specialists Silver Atena, TÜV NORD is supplementing its areas of expertise.
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21 September | Energy

TÜV NORD certifies new E-126 EP3 and E-138 EP3 wind turbines for ENERCON

To be built around the world, the wind turbines need type approval in accordance with the IEC guidelines.
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Husum Wind: EEG 2017 requires reports on site suitability

Site suitability reports and further requirements from the new German Renewable Energies Act are among the central themes for TÜV NORD at this year's Husum Wind industry fair.
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TÜV NORD certifies marine equipment

TÜV NORD is now a Notified Body for certification of fire protection equipment and life-saving appliances on ships.
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Risk analyses for networked industry

Security4Safety is one of the key issues for the TÜV NORD GROUP at this year’s Hannover Messe.
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TÜV NORD GROUP investing in innovations and IT security

The TÜV NORD GROUP has now recorded growth for three years in a row, and all the relevant key ratios increased in 2016.
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6 February 2017 | Energy

More security for the smart grid

Electricity and gas network operators have to establish an Information Security Management System by 31 January 2018
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18 January 2017 | Energy

TÜV NORD issues IECRE certificate for GE wind turbine

TÜV NORD has issued one of the world’s first IECRE turbine certificates to General Electric (GE).
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29 December 2016 | Company

Dirk Stenkamp succeeds Guido Rettig as Chairman of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP

Stenkamp (54) will take on the post of Chairman of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP at the turn of this year.
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18 November 2016 | Industry

The eyes of industry are on functional safety and cyber-security

Against the backdrop of the digital transformation of industry, TÜV NORD is offering comprehensive risk management for the fourth industrial revolution under the banner of “Security4Safety”.
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14 November 2016 | Certification

TÜV NORD CERT and VDE Institute to collaborate in the field of medical devices

Now it's official: TÜV NORD CERT and the VDE Institute are now cooperating in the field of medical devices.
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9 November | Mobility

This year again – fewer vehicles with serious defects in the main vehicle inspection

According to TÜV NORD statistics, this year again, the number of vehicles with major defects has slightly fallen.
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23 September | Traffic

TÜV NORD and CRRC sign strategic cooperation agreement

CRRC, the world’s largest manufacturer of rolling stock from China, and TÜV NORD, German certification body for rolling stock, have agreed on a strategic cooperation.
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5 September 2016 | DMT

DMT and the German Aerospace Centre DLR launch innovative inspection and surveying tool

Multi-sensor aerospace technology for positioning, navigation and 3D documentation in real time.
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02 May 2016 | Education

Time for organizations to change over to the new EU data protection rules

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation specifies harmonized EU-wide rules as to how companies and official bodies are allowed to process personal data.
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22 April 2016 | Industry

Hanover Fair 2016: Defending networked factories and energy systems against cyber attack

What are the benefits of networked systems, and what are the risks? Meet the TÜV NORD GROUP at this year's Hanover Fair.
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13. April 2016 | Mobility

TÜV NORD - also promoting traffic safety in the Czech Republic

For 10 years now, TÜV NORD has operated test stations for mandatory periodic inspection of trucks and cars in the Czech Republic.
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30. March 2016 | Resources

DMT successfully completes exploration seismic project in Munich

Performed by DMT, one of the largest ever inner-city 3D surveys came to a successful end last week.
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11. March 2016 | IT

CeBIT: TÜViT – the right partner for secure digitization

Digitization is the main theme at this year’s CeBIT. But what happens to data in an increasingly networked world?
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2. March 2016 | Natural Resources

Nuclear Waste Disposal: DMT awarded EU contract in Ukraine

In a consortium with the companies Plejades, Brenk and TÜV NORD EnSys, DMT has been contracted to improve infrastructure for managing radioactive waste...
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