Conserving resources - acting responsibly.

For more than 150 years, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting people, technology and the environment. Whether in the workplace or everyday life, every day our entrepreneurial mission is guided by considerations of responsibility and sustainability. ‘Sustainability’ to us means responsibility for nature and society.

Corporate Responsibility Progress Report

Since 2018, TÜV NORD GROUP has been providing comprehensive information about the economic, ecological, and social impact of its business activities.

Read more about TÜV NORD GROUP's corporate responsibility strategy in the Corporate Responsibility Progress Report.




TÜV NORD GROUP is award-winning!

Our awards for sustainability and management, as an employer and for communication can be found here.



Health and sustainability. These are goods we look after.

To us, people and the environment belong together. And your needs are at the heart of this.

How we humans feel, the things we eat, whether we are healthy, and how and where we learn, work and develop – these are the key questions we pursue in our laboratories, in the field or at your premises. Because our clients and employees are our top priority.



Responsibility as a reflection of our core values

Responsibility and sustainability are the basis of our business activities. They are key value drivers for us, opening the way to new business models and services, enabling us to increase our value contribution to society and the environment toward a more sustainable world.

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Projects for more sustainability

Together we have already achieved a lot! We present some exciting projects for more sustainability and social commitment.