Carbon Management

Carbon Management

For several years, there has been a general consensus that significant reduction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the avoidance of further CO2 emissions are imperative to halt irreversible processes in climate warming.

Efforts worldwide are already underway to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. Nevertheless, unavoidable new CO2 releases will continue to occur. Managing these emissions, along with the high concentrations already present in the atmosphere, is referred to as Carbon Management. It encompasses the entire cycle of capture, transport, reuse (CCU – Carbon Capture and Utilization), and permanent storage of carbon dioxide (CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage). Carbon Management will play a crucial role in global efforts towards decarbonization and mitigating negative climate effects.

Carbon Management can also be seen as a potent opportunity for innovation and growth, driving new business in plant and infrastructure construction, and serving as a climate protection measure that contributes significantly to the security, stability, and prosperity of our planet. Therefore, it must become a key focus for companies committed to their own sustainability goals and complying with legislative requirements, setting the stage for the future. With the right knowledge and appropriate measures, we can not only manage CO2 but also leverage it to our advantage.

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