The new Guiding Principles are the roadmap for the future of the TÜV NORD GROUP

TÜV NORD GROUP’s Corporate Communications has compiled facts for employees and clients on the origin and goals of our vision, mission and values. Dr Dirk Stenkamp, Chairman of the Board of Management of TÜV NORD GROUP, answers questions about the new Guiding Principles. Important strategic key concepts such as innovation, customer focus and growth areas are briefly and concisely explained.  

More information on the new website:

Guiding Principles
(in English) are available as a print template for the poster
 – printing can be done on site at the international offices to avoid transport and logistics costs. If required, please send a short e-mail (see contact box).

There is now a new slogan for the silver corporate brand TÜV NORD GROUP: Expertise for your Success. A new, updated PowerPoint master with slightly adapted colours and the new TÜV NORD GROUP slogan is now available. Nothing will change for the blue TÜV NORD brand and the other core brands.