Training cooperation with Hangzhou Iron & Steel started with a training in Germany

The HISG delegation visited TÜV NORD in Hamburg.



The cooperation between TÜV NORD China and Hangzhou Iron & Steel (HISG) is taking off. The first cooperation agreement was signed in February. According to this, HISG will send more than 100 members of staff to Germany for training and visits in the next three years. TÜV NORD China will not only train more inspection and testing talents for HISG but also help it to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading and build a knowledge-intensive industrial cluster in Zhejiang province. TÜV NORD China and the Hangzhou Iron & Steel Vocational Education Group have just held a mobilisation meeting and an opening ceremony in Hangzhou under the banner of "Enterprise Transformation Development and Innovation Capability Improvement".

The first group of 20 individuals from HISG’s middle management has taken advantage of the HISG programme entitled the “Three-Year Training Plan of Global Innovation for Young and Middle-aged leadership in 2018-2020”. The two-week training in Berlin and Hamburg focused on Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, the digital economy, technical services and inspection and testing, to name but a few. The participants were exposed to the most advanced knowledge and technologies in the world, thereby enhancing their international vision and global perspective with the aim of stimulating the innovative development of HISG.

During the training, TÜV NORD China arranged for a professor from the Berlin-based BBW University of Applied Sciences to give a lecture to the delegation. The main subjects included German Industry 4.0, the status and development of the German digital industry, the use of digital intelligent technology in the industrial field, the problems faced by German companies in the application of German intelligent manufacturing techniques, the cultivation of technical talents in the German manufacturing industry and the integrated management of German manufacturing production, manufacturing and technology.

TÜV NORD China arranged visits to the local manufactory and incubator industrial park and the German National Standards Association DIN and Information Security Co. Ltd. to allow the delegation to take a more in-depth and practical look at the state of German industrialisation.

TÜV NORD China arranged some excellent training, which took various forms tailored to the different business units and educational backgrounds of the HISG delegation. The HISG delegation was offered an in-depth view of inspection and testing services in Germany.

TÜV NORD China also arranged visits to the Airbus factory and the Marlboro Group. The group was deeply impressed by the factories’ modern production processes and robot workshops.

Mr. Wang Wenzhen, GM of Hangzhou Iron & Steel Vocational Education Group, said that the training had broadened the delegation’s horizons and thinking methods and deepened their understanding of the direction of travel of Industry 4.0 in Germany. He added that the delegates would take these new methods and ideas back to China and seek to set the Group on the path to transformation and development.





Impressions from the HISG delegation’s tour