Energy Connection Days intensify international dialogue

The participants engaged in discussion in a relaxed atmosphere – in the picture (from left) Verena Schneider, Jan Weinfurt and Dr Heinz-W. Drotleff.


The Energy Connection Days held in the new Innovation Space in Hamburg witnessed the coming together of over 20 international members of staff from the Energy strategic business segment of the Industrial Services business unit.

The two-day workshop had been planned by the team from the Corporate Center Innovation by order of Silvio Konrad, General Manager of TÜV NORD Systems and Vice-President of the strategic business segment Energy, Dr Astrid Petersen, General Manager of TÜV NORD EnSys und Executive Vice-President of the OBS Nuclear, and Michael Dahm, Executive Vice-President of the OBS Renewables. The strategic business segment Energy currently consists of the operative business segments (OBS) Nuclear and Renewables launched in early 2017 in the wake of BOLD MOVE.

Silvio Konrad was very satisfied: “We’ve succeeded in creating a feeling of solidarity in the energy division and in building intercultural bridges. Together we generated some great results in a short space of time that will be useful for the further development of the segment. The international dialogue between the colleagues was an important step on the way to sharing the experience that’s been gathered over many years of practice and adapting it to suit the various regional conditions. In this way we want to introduce new tools and innovative business models.”

Angella Xu, Senior Vice-President of the Photovoltaic Certification and Inspection cluster at TÜV NORD Greater China, presented the results of one of the workshops. The participants in the Energy Connection Days came from Germany and the focus countries for further business development such as China, South Korea, Greece, the United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Brazil, South Africa and the Czech Republic. The aim was to network and learn from the experience of other nations and disciplines in order to come up with new ideas. Dr Astrid Petersen summarises the event thus: “We managed to create a platform for knowledge transfer for the construction of new nuclear power plants and the decommissioning of old ones. The role of the key account manager as a direct point of contact for the clients is an important one not just domestically but, in particular, internationally as well. Experience that we gather in Korea, for instance, can to some extent be applied to the United Kingdom.”

With the aid of various innovative methods and the support of the team of the Corporate Center Innovation, the participants worked toward the development of ideas for specific services. The results of the workshop were then finally presented in a management pitch.

“In these two days we recorded some really astounding results. The next step is to go into the specifics of how to deal with these ideas and, where possible, to implement them – and this too has already begun,” says Michael Dahm.


Impressions from the Energy Connection Days conference.