Security by Design: Security from the outset

15 November 2017 | Industry Services: With a new collaboration with safety and security engineering specialists Silver Atena, TÜV NORD is supplementing its areas of expertise.

Hamburg: To avoid potential security risks, particularly cyber risks, in new products or industrial processes right from the outset is the objective of Security by Design. To enable it to offer manufacturers and operators even more effective support in this area, TÜV NORD is supplementing its areas of expertise with a new collaboration with safety and security engineering specialists Silver Atena.

Networked machines and components don’t just need to work reliably but also require comprehensive protection from cyber criminals. Over recent years, TÜV NORD has worked with TÜViT to develop a range of appropriate services. They are now being joined for strategic reasons by a new cooperation partner: Silver Atena, a company of the Assystem Group, has many years of experience in the development of automation technology, sensors and control systems for industry. So Silver Atena can now contribute its strengths in engineering and training to the partnership. TÜV NORD is an accredited service provider for independent testing and certification; its portfolio also includes the comprehensive analysis of safety and security risks.

“The cooperation between TÜV NORD and Silver Atena will enable us to meet the needs of our customers even more effectively. We comply with all legal requirements and are hereby offering our customers an opportunity to considerably shorten lead and throughput times,” says Matthias Springer, Director of the Security4Safety Coordination Office at TÜV NORD.


As a long-established and respected technology provider, we are the global byword for security and trust. We have the digital future firmly in mind. Independent engineers and IT security professionals provide excellent solutions for security and quality and have put us in an outstanding competitive position. In more than 70 countries, we support our clients and partners in their commitment to people, technology and the environment.

Annika Burchard

Industry, Energy, TÜV NORD Akademie

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