Co-op & Internship Employer Recognition Award

Ralph Dollenberg, Reiner Jaspers, Adam Scholl, Ingo Albes.



Joy abounds at TÜV NORD Mobilität. The company was honoured with the Co-op & Internship Employer Recognition Award for 2018 by the University of Windsor in Ontario (Canada) in recognition of its achievements as one of the best internship providers.

The collaboration between TÜV NORD Mobilität and the university began at the end of 2014. In the first year two students were enrolled, one of whom opted for a technical course in engineering services at the IFM in Essen and the other, who came from a business administration background, went to work in Hanover. This successful exchange continues to this day.

“Your commitment to our University of Windsor co-op programme has been outstanding and many future careers have been shaped because of your efforts,” said Kristen Morris from Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships. “This award recognises organisations who meet one or more of the following criteria: they have a long standing partnership with our office; they’ve hired more than ten students throughout 2018; they are actively engaged with on-campus activities to the benefit of student learning; and/or they have created the conditions for exceptional work term experience throughout the year.”

The students spend a good year in Germany with the aim of garnering practical experience in the company. “Working at TÜV NORD enabled me at last to implement the theoretical knowledge from my courses in my day-to-day work,” says Jennifer Krista, the first student to come to Hanover for her one-year internship abroad, where her work was focused mainly on International Business/Business Development & Marketing. “The world of work is becoming more and more international, and I’m grateful to have gained some intercultural skills into the bargain, as these are a big plus in your CV nowadays.” The student from Ontario, who has now turned 23, studied Honours Business Administration at the University of Windsor and has been supporting her colleagues at the Canadian company TÜV NORD Mobility Inc. as a permanent employee since September 2017.

Reiner Jaspers, head Corporate International Mobility business unit, sees only advantages in the cooperation with the university: “Our goal with this student programme is to bring young talents into contact with TÜV NORD early on and to build up a potential pool of young professionals who can work around the world — both the students have delighted us with their work, and we can safely say that they completely satisfy these requirements. We’re thrilled that our first students have set such a good example.”

Ingo Albes, head of International Business Development Europe, also had only good things to say about the first five years: “The students have developed outstandingly well. They’ve made valuable contributions in challenging tasks ranging from the drafting of business plans and market analyses through to support for our international colleagues worldwide and have really helped ease the burden on the rest of us. We’ve all enjoyed the collaboration, which has injected some international flair into the headquarters, and we’re already looking forward to welcoming the next wave.”