Marek Barnaś new Vice President in Poland

Marek Barnaś.

Marek Barnaś joined the TÜV NORD team in March. He is currently working as Vice President of TÜV NORD Polska as well as being Head of the Profit Center Cluster Manufacturing Technology in Eastern Europe.

Marek Barnaś: “Working for TÜV NORD GROUP is another challenge for me in my 30-year career.” Having worked in two technical inspection companies in Poland, he decided to join TÜV NORD to review and use his experience and knowledge of the TIC market and to exploit the opportunity this offered to manage the team at TÜV NORD Polska both effectively and efficiently, as well as to foster cooperation in the Profit Centre Cluster Manufacturing Technology in Eastern Europe.

“The implementation of BOLD MOVE is a process similar to those in which I participated in my former companies,” Marek Barnaś adds. The goal of the project is to increase the influence of TÜV NORD in the global TIC market, and this is going to be brought within reach by focusing on the customer, using the opportunities presented by existing and developing technologies and improving cooperation within the Group.

“It sounds simple, although I realise that this is a huge challenge but also an opportunity for all of us,” says Marek Barnaś. “Valuing my work-life balance, I combine work with my passions, travelling and different genres of music, and bringing these two together. I’m counting on your support and cooperation!”