The Private and Car Dealership Customers International business unit chooses its top performers

They are the Top Performers of the year: Antonín Jedlička from Czechia, Bartłomiej Wójtowicz from Poland and Job van der Zwart from the Netherlands.



Reiner Jaspers, head of Corporate International Mobility business unit, has for the first time singled out the top performers for a special award in the context of the “Exchange of Experience” international meeting.

The award has been presented to no fewer than three colleagues from abroad: Bartłomiej Wójtowicz from Poland, Antonín Jedlička from the Czech Republic and Job van der Zwart from the Netherlands had the satisfaction of receiving the awards in the shape of a glass cuboid. “All three returned excellent results in terms of sales and EBIT, some of which were well above the plan and the previous year,” explains Ingo Albes, head of business development for Europe at TÜV NORD Mobilität. “They acquired some major projects for TÜV NORD Mobilität and demonstrated some outstanding project management skills. All this simply has to be rewarded and acknowledged!”

The introduction of new services, such as bus inspections in Poland, departure checks for Flixbus in the Netherlands and vehicle evaluations in the Czech Republic, have not only been very successful but have also opened doors in other countries where TÜV NORD Mobilität is active. “We’re confident that the title will be a big incentive for all our colleagues in Team International and that they will now all dedicate themselves to their local projects with renewed enthusiasm,” says Reiner Jaspers. “I'm excited to see who will earn the award next year.” Because this award is going to be presented regularly from now on, “as a thank-you for outstanding achievements,” he explains. The evaluation criteria for the award include increases in sales and EBT or special sales achievements.