Cluster meeting of the Operative Business Segment System Certification (OBS SC)

Participants in the Cluster Manager Meeting for the System Certification OBS (cluster managers, certification body, business development).


At the beginning of the second quarter, the nine cluster managers of the OBS SC met in Essen for the first cluster management meeting since the official launch of BOLD MOVE. The main points on the agenda, next to the presentation of the positive results of this cross-company restructuring measure, were an exchange of information and the planning of the next steps for international cooperation to maintain the cluster’s successful trajectory.

The leitmotif of the OBS System Certification cluster with Wolfgang Wielpütz at the helm was “accelerate growth”, and growth was indeed achieved after only three months. The OBS SC has recorded higher profits than planned.

Ulf Theike, Director of Resources for Life and Digitalisation in the strategic business segment (SBS), opened the event with words of praise for the OBS System Certification. He singled out for special mention the strong initial surge in growth since 1.1.2017 and the positive results from the Industrial Services business unit. He started by addressing the opportunities and risks of increasing digitalisation and reported on the developments associated with digitalisation in the TÜV NORD GROUP. He then handed over to Wolfgang Wielpütz, who offered an overview of the OBS SC, gave a detailed exposition of the theme of communication within the OBS SC and presented to the participants the new international sales presentation for major customers, the international OBS SC newsletter and the new OBS SC SharePoint.

The participants then reported on the status quo and on successes, opportunities and risk within their clusters and offered a comprehensive insight into their work.

Particular attention was paid to special projects which promote and strengthen international cooperation. For example, the project and decision-making groups reported on sales and marketing activities, innovations and the associated innovation process, accreditation and regulation management, and the important issue of the TÜV NORD test mark. The two-and-a-half-day event was rounded off with presentations of the project and decision-making groups of the OBS SC with responsibility for IT processes, training, international project management and climate protection.

“System certification is a fast-growing, dependable and promising business area. The cluster managers in OBS SC are internationally experienced professionals with the ability to understand, analyse and expand the market. This will give us the chance to strengthen our TÜV NORD brand, expand our portfolio and increase sales,” said Shibu Davies from TÜV Middle East, who was invited as a guest to the cluster manager meeting for OBS SC as a representative of the Middle East region.