First step carried out toward the internationalisation of corporate applicant management: TÜV Nederland introduces digital recruiting with Taloom

Taloom successfully introduced: (from left) Ralf van Thuijl, Dave Wilbers, Juliette Bomhoff, Ebru Bakici, Henriette van Haren, Edwin Franken und Triin Tint.

Since June, candidates both at home and abroad have been able to view all the job vacancies for TÜV Nederland in the TÜV NORD GROUP job portal and apply directly from a mobile device or PC. The firm is the first international TÜV NORD company to introduce the digital application management system known as Taloom which the Group uses in Germany to publish and fill vacancies. This eliminates at a stroke the need to spend hours combing through the job vacancies on the various company sites of the international subsidiaries to find vacancies being offered by TÜV Nederland.

“We intend to use this e-recruiting tool to position ourselves as an attractive employer in the age of digitalisation and to make our applicant management more efficient,” says Edwin Franken, General Manager of TÜV Nederland.

As Triin Tint, head of Employer Branding & Sourcing, emphasises: “The labour market is changing faster all the time. A shift is taking place from a seller’s to a buyer’s market, in which applicants can pick and choose from the employers they like. And this means that the fewer the clicks the potential member of staff has to go through to find suitable jobs, the better. Our aim is to reach out to the applicants where they are and not to lose the most suitable of them during the application process.”

“If we’re going to consistently and effectively manage our brand as an employer and create an unmistakable brand experience, we really need to harmonise and integrate our communicative activities in terms of their form, content and timing. The Group-wide applicant management system will help us do this,” says Ms Tint.

In 2012, TÜV NORD introduced applicant management in the form of Taloom for all the German subsidiaries. The TÜV NORD GROUP uses the system to publish over 500 vacancies per annum throughout the Group and receives an average of 13,000 applications. Since October 2016, the colleagues from TÜV Nederland, TÜV NORD Service and the external system providers have been working intensively under the leadership of Ebru Bakici to create the required framework conditions for the link-up with Taloom.

In the wake of last month’s launch, the system is finally live: vacancies are now published online in minutes. Where confirming the receipt of individual applications and processing them used to be a laborious and time-consuming matter, many of the processes are now automated. This saves time and resources for the staff and is easier, faster and, as a result, more attractive for applicants, as well as offering them higher quality.

“The ‘Taloom’ integration process at TÜV Nederland was very successful. We hope as a result to encourage other companies to follow our example,” says Ebru Bakici.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY will be the next company to introduce the e-recruiting tool, and preparations have already begun.