In search of “small parts” in the big laboratory

The laboratory building east of Jakarta.



Dr Miftahudin never dreamed that he would ever run an environmental laboratory. Let alone a laboratory in Jakarta built to the highest standards for a variety of tests and investigations. The 45-year-old environmental scientist, who also has a master’s degree in chemistry, now manages three employees.

Laboratory manager Dr Miftahudin.

Diverse analyses at the highest level

The huge building on Science Timur Street, which houses the famous food laboratory and now also the environmental laboratory, can be seen from quite a distance. But what we are looking for here is microscopically small: microbiological, chemical and nutritional analyses are carried out here daily. “The analyses in our food and environmental laboratories complement each other perfectly,” says Robert Napitupulu, Director President of TÜV NORD Indonesia. "In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is very interested in our services." According to Mr Napitupulu, the fact that the laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025.


Three experts take air emission samples from the stack of a company.

The laboratory focuses on six areas of activity: exhaust emissions, air pollution control, soil contamination, noise and light emissions, and investigations of water and wastewater.

The laboratory team has already successfully completed its first major orders. These included air emission measurements on MAN gas turbines for a power plant, environmental monitoring for Schott Igar Glass and room air measurements for Actavis Indonesia.