Chinese economic delegation inspired by technology and know‐how at TÜV NORD

The guests from China with Dr Ralf Jung, Dr Dirk Stenkamp, Silvio Konrad and Jun Ren (4th, 5th, 6th and 8th from left).

A delegation from the Chinese State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC) has visited the TÜV NORD GROUP. The aim of the two‐day programme of visits to Essen and Hanover was to exchange information on current developments in the field of regulated testing and certification, particularly in connection with the possible opening up of the hitherto purely state-controlled inspection market in China to organizations from other countries.

Noise test facilities at TÜV NORD Systems in Essen.

Among others, the Chinese guests viewed the facilities for testing of machinery noise and building acoustics, the new test laboratory for cooling, air conditioning and ventilation equipment and also the IFM wheel and tyre laboratories at their new locations in Essen as well as the e-Station in Hanover. At the heart of the visit was also an intensive exchange of ideas at the top management level, led on the TÜV NORD side by Dr Dirk Stenkamp, Chairman of the Board of Management of TÜV NORD AG, and Jun Ren, co-initiator of the visit by the delegation and General Manager of TÜV NORD Greater China. Present were also several general managers from different business units: Dr Ralf Jung and Silvio Konrad, Industrial Services business unit, as well as Hartmut Abeln, Mobility business unit. They were supported by Dr Christoph Sinder from the Natural Ressources business unit and other experts.

Tyre test rig at the Institute for Vehicle Technology and Mobility (IFM) of TÜV NORD Mobilität.

As Dr Stenkamp said at the end of the visit: “From today’s point of view, the Chinese market will offer us the world’s greatest development opportunities, as inspection services – which were formerly purely state-regulated – open up to third-party auditors such as TÜV NORD. The visit by the delegation offered us the opportunity to demonstrate the considerable breadth and depth of our six business units, and also to learn about foreseeable developments within the Chinese market.”

Test rig for cooling, air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

All those present were impressed by the final statement by the Leader of the Chinese Delegation, Hui Peng, Chief Executive of SDIC, who said that the entire delegation – which had already visited other European inspection and certification providers – considered TÜV NORD to be the current leader in its field as regards knowledge and technology. The high number of innovation projects in the Group in relation to digital transformation and Industry 4.0 were given special mention. SDIC would therefore like to widen its links with TÜV NORD and develop them into a strategic partnership. Hui Peng was also delighted with the positive atmosphere amongst all of the workforce at TÜV NORD GROUP and with the warm welcome extended to the delegation.

Dr Stenkamp added that further discussions are planned to take place in China in the second half of this year.

Pictures from the SDIC delegation’s visit to Germany.