DAkkS-accredited certifications in China

Joint inspections in Chinese rotor blade production: Pei He and Bartek Kozlowski (from left) with two contacts from the manufacturer.

Pei He.

Joint evaluation of damaged blade.

The transfer of expertise in the Renewables OBS has taken an important step forward: Pei He, wind energy specialist with TÜV NORD Greater China, is now authorised to monitor static rotor blade tests under German DAkkS accreditation in the context of international projects and to sign the corresponding reports. Authorisation to perform evaluations in the DAkkS-accredited certification body of TÜV NORD CERT in the wind energy field is contingent on the ability to point to a qualification with comprehensive specialist knowledge and practical experience. Having successfully qualified in the rotor blade testing section, the next hurdle for Pei He is to master the fatigue testing and production monitoring sections. On the German side, the process is being managed by Dr Britta Schacht, Senior Vice President of Certification in the Renewables OBS at TÜV NORD EnSys, and Christian Hering, Technical Director for Wind Energy in the certification body at TÜV NORD CERT.

“This is a significant milestone in the context of our transfer of expertise in the Renewables OBS,” says its Executive Vice President Michael Dahm from TÜV NORD EnSys. “Other colleagues in India and China are currently also being qualified.”