BOLD MOVE is very important for the future of the Industrial Services business unit / Anil Rairikar “Manager of the Year”

Group photo with all the participants in the General Managers Meeting in Berlin.



BOLD MOVE was the principal focus of the two-day General Managers Meeting in Berlin. All the general managers of the German and international companies in the Industrial Services business unit and all the Corporate Centre directors were given detailed information about the current status and next stages of the BOLD MOVE project.

They got together in workshops and used issue-specific case studies to consider such matters as process sequences, interfaces and roles in the new structure. The international executives then engaged in animated conversations in the working groups and constructive discussions in the plenary session.

The majority of the executives present were of one mind: The BOLD MOVE project is very important for the future of the business unit. This was the result of a survey carried out among the participants. The executives also concluded that there were clear indications of increased cooperation between the companies, improvements in team work and enhanced knowledge transfer. This positive trend is clearly apparent from the many success stories in the Rail, Renewables, Nuclear, Food and System Certification OBS which are already up and running. The talks given by the respective OBS Vice Presidents bore witness to these successes.


Anil Rairikar (centre) with Dr Dirk Stenkamp (right) and Dr Ralf Jung.


On the sidelines of the conference, Anil Rairikar was presented with the “Manager of the Year” award. Anil Rairikar served as Managing Director of TÜV India for many years, most recently in the capacity of Regional Director-Business Development (India and South Asia).