Training of the first Digital Experts completed


The trained Digital Experts after the presentation of the certificates.



The scenario might have a familiar ring to it: The members of the Group Executive Committee (GEC) were sitting in a semi-circle in front of the stage, eagerly awaiting the project presentations of the Digital Experts.

For twelve Digital Experts from across all the business units, a three-month training phase in the Digital Academy culminated in a final event reminiscent of the TV show “Dragons’ Den” (or “Shark Tank”). In small teams, they presented the progress of their digital pilot projects, courting the “Dragons”, members of the GEC, for support in their further development. Each product presentation was given exactly five minutes – which meant that there was no time to lose in getting to the point. After a question and answer session, the members of the GEC had to decide whether they wanted to offer the project their personal support.

The “Virtual Lab”, for instance, went down very well with the Dragons. The idea behind this is to allow customers to follow tests of their products live in the laboratory via a virtual platform. They can inspect, analyse and change and assess test parameters in real time. For this platform, the Digital Experts have developed a prototype with which two major customers have already been acquired for the Virtual Lab.

Alongside the other pilot projects, the idea for a carpooling app was well received. This project, entitled “Meet4Drive”, is being fast-tracked for all those members of staff who have to travel a lot. The internal carpool app is intended to help employees find and set up carpooling arrangements in just a few clicks. The prototype app developed by the Digital Experts has already been trialled.

The happy conclusion was that all eight pilot projects presented found supporters among the GEC members – a great success for the Digital Experts.

The presentation of their Digital Expert certificates on this evening in Essen marked the end of the training period. The Digital Experts will now immediately set about the task of supporting the digitalisation and transformation process in their respective business units and will pursue their projects further.

The Board of Management of TÜV NORD AG offered its congratulations in the name of the Group Executive Committee: “We’re very impressed by what you have come up with and put into practice in the last few months. You’ve been shining examples of how all of us in the TÜV NORD GROUP can apply our amassed knowledge to the digital transformation. The final result is forward-looking solutions for our customers and staff. We’re going to continue the work of the Digital Academy in 2018.”

The Digital Academy is qualifying its participants for the digital transformation and preparing them systematically for their future tasks. The pilot projects are presented on the Lighthouse pages. 

Evening Event of the Digital Academy: The Dragons’ Den