7 November 2019 | Industry Services

Hamburg: TÜV NORD has become the third testing company to be acknowledged for the certification of wind farm projects in accordance with IECRE OD-502. This internationally recognised scheme covers the certification of wind farm projects, thereby complementing the OD-501 scheme, which regulates the component and type certification of wind turbines. “This allows TÜV NORD to monitor and evaluate all the different elements of wind farm projects,” explains Silvio Konrad, General Manager at TÜV NORD. The scheme is particularly suitable for the complex certification of offshore projects. 

“The scheme provides us with a standardised certification procedure that allows us to accurately examine and evaluate every stage of the project, from development, the production of the components and the construction of the plant, right the way through to the operation,” explains Dr. Britta Schacht, Senior Vice President for Certification Renewables at TÜV NORD. “There’s a lot of interest in this. We’ve already fielded the first customer enquiries for this service.” 

Ideal for offshore wind energy projects 

The IECRE OD-502 offers particular benefits for the ever-growing offshore wind energy industry. Compared to the first six months of the previous year, the share of offshore wind in the renewable energy mix increased by 30 percent this year. “Thanks to this accreditation, we can offer our customers a reliable and resource-saving service for complex offshore energy projects,” explains Schacht. 

The renewable energy certification system initiated by the International Electrotechnical Commission Renewable Energy (IECRE) now offers the first ever standalone certification scheme for wind farm projects. IECRE OD-502 entered into force this year and replaces the conformity testing and certification part of the IEC 61400 international standard series. This series of standards is concerned with the technical requirements for the construction of wind turbines. 

In a three-day review process, IECRE and representatives of two competitors examined the suitability of the processes and expertise at TÜV NORD for the future certification of wind farm projects according to the new IECRE OD-502. “This successful accreditation is the result of the outstanding cooperation between our certification body TÜV NORD CERT, our experts from TÜV NORD EnSys and our subsidiary DMT,” explains Schacht.


IECRE-OD-502 is particularly suitable for the certification of offshore wind turbines. Image: Unsplash/Nicholas Doherty


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