Responsibility as a reflection of our core values

The name TÜV NORD GROUP promises objectivity and integrity. Our clients benefit from our strategies with respect to long-term value creation and sustainable orientation on the competition. Responsibility for our own actions, personal drive and our determination to deliver peak perform-ance are the foundation of our unbiased and fair consultation expertise.

The TÜV brand stands globally for safety, quality, innovation and neutrality. Our employees base their activities on our values and observe our guidelines. These are the binding principles of our personal actions within the TÜV NORD GROUP and strengthen our integrity. The clear and respon-sible attitude of our employees sets global standards in the consulting and services sector: with our specialised knowledge we protect people, the environment and material goods against risks.

Corporate governance guidelines and a sophisticated Compliance Management System with a Code of Conduct and Ombudsman provide our employees with extensive support in this respect. They ensure the correctness of all business processes and organisational structures of the Group. And promote the responsible actions of each individual by preventing risks and dangers. With these strategies, the TÜV NORD GROUP ensures management and control which is focused on value creation.

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TÜV NORD GROUP understands compliance as observance of all relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, standards and contractual obligations as well as voluntary commitments, including regulations the company has set for itself.
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By the implementation of an ombudsman, the TÜV NORD GROUP has established a protected area for employees, customers and business partners.
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Questions and Answers

Again and again, people ask questions about the work of the TÜV companies, test marks and certifications.
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