Online survey


The online questionnaire

The groupwide employee survey, which will be carried out on the Group’s behalf by the company GfK EOR, takes the form of an online questionnaire.

Each TÜV NORD employee will receive a link to the questionnaire by email, along with a personal access code. Calling up the link leads automatically to the questionnaire start page via an encoded and secure internet connection. Following entry of the personal access code into the starting page of the questionnaire, it is possible to respond to the questions themselves.

The questionnaire is subdivided into various themes, such as tasks/activities, working conditions, working together, managers, professional development, health, job and family and also innovation/digitalisation. Around 15 minutes are needed to answer the 82 questions.

The really important thing is that the survey is seeking real personal opinions and responses – in other words there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” answer. The answer that is a true expression of what the respondent really thinks is the most useful and desirable answer.